One bookshop, so many solutions, so little space and time...

Pat Kane writes: "Here is a harvest, taken by my cameraphone, from a London bookstore franchise, on Sat 11 February, 2017. It's something I do when I visit bookshops or libraries. I can only occasionally afford to buy... but as a mapping exercise, it's amazingly useful. 

"The simple point is that we hardly lack expertise and perspective when it comes to addressing fundamental questions about the directions of our societies, economies and technologies. Yet how much time and space - let alone money to buy books - do we have to join up all these dots, discuss them with others, and turn them into actions and initiatives? 

"What The Alternative wants to help build is a new culture and society of slower, more substantial discussion and decision-making - which basic income, and shorter working weeks, are only the first and crudest responses. But when people ask, 'well what would people DO with all that free, supported time?'... I usually show them that week's harvest of book-titles on my phone. Books are a place to start (but this works across so many other areas and practices of our lives)".