Devon: some beautiful ways of "taking control"

This week we travelled to Devon to meet with some of our local 'partners-in-change', planning for a series of political laboratories happening in the area in the first half 2018 (more info coming in the new year). We've been closely following all the amazing community initiatives arising from Devon and it was inspiring to finally meet the activists fuelling these. More stories will be featured on the Daily Alternative blog in the coming weeks.

To begin... At The Curator Café in Totnes we met with Rob Hopkins, co-founder of both Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network, author of The Power of Just Doing Stuff and currently writing and researching for a book about imagination whilst sharing his findings on his personal blog Imagination taking power. This is a great resource for inspiring stories on how we can consciously use our imagination to create the future we desire for ourselves, our communities and our world.

Rob told us the story of yet another, very ambitious, project he is a part of - Atmos Totnes:

Led by the community, Atmos takes an old milk processing factory in Totnes and, led by an exemplary and highly creative community consultation process, and in partnership with a mainstream developer and the site’s owners, is redesigning it as a vibrant, mixed use development design as the heart of a new economy for Totnes.

How we got this far is a story we tell here, and the principles the community has told us they would like to underpin the development can be found here.

The project is a great demonstration of people power, determination and patience. We see this site as being a catalyst for the town’s economy, as well as the opportunity to model a new approach to development, and provide the means for young people to stay in the town. As greenfield sites across the country disappear under unaffordable, inefficient and boring homes, we urgently need a new model.

Get a feel for the story of the project in the video below:

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