Aditya Chakrabortty visits Finland to learn more about their UBI experiment

We're curiously watching Finland from afar as they carry out their two-year Basic Income experiment. The idea of UBI is exciting and promising, advocated often here at The Alternative UK (explore UBI content here). Phil Teer successfully took on the task of 'how to sell the idea of UBI to the world' at our launch event back in March. His presentation is now in video format - watch below.

Although we may feel confident UBI is the way forward, we need real-life experiments to teach us how we do it practically and show us how this can become a reality for us all. 

Journalist Aditya Chakrabortty (read the full report on his visit in The Guardian) travelled to Finland to meet Juha Järvinen, one of the 2000 unemployed Finns taking part in the project. As Finland will not publish any results until the two-year pilot is over at the end of 2018, we rely on the testimony of participants such as Juha.

Juha is an artist (see video above). Receiving £500 with no string attached has given him the freedom, not only of time but of mind, to focus on on his creative gifts and start making these into a business. From this perspective, looking at Basic Income as a 'Citizen Investment' does make a lot of sense. Check out social philosopher Indy Johar thoughts on 'welfare as investment' here in the second of our series of Alternative UK Manifestos.