Positive proposals for making money and banking work for PEOPLE


Positive Money is a non-profit research and campaigning organisation based in London, with 35 local groups across the UK and an international network of organisations, working to transform and democratise the money and banking system so that it works for society and not against it. 

The vision is:

  • An economy that isn’t reliant on housing bubbles, stock markets booms and unsustainable levels of inequality and debt to keep it growing.
  •  An economy that’s stable, with more secure jobs, less household and government debt, which does not automatically increase inequality and that will give us a solid footing to tackle the environmental crisis.
  • Where the Bank of England works with the Government in a democratic way to implement economic policies to shift the UK economy to one that is fairer and more sustainable.
  •  Where implicit subsidies for banks are removed, and a diverse ecosystem of banks serve the needs of society.

A vision they try to realise in four ways:

  • We research the problems with the money and banking system, to develop our proposals for reforming it and to win the support of economists.
  • We work to build a growing, skilled, and diverse network which works together to campaign for change.
  • We influence key decision makers and influencers in the UK.
  • We lead and support an international movement advocating reform around the world.

Last but not least they work to make the current financial system more understandable for everyone at events all over the UK and on their YouTube channel. Watch one of their videos below: 

Interested in learning more or getting involved? Find out what you can do here.