Any new politics must be based on the best principles of nonviolence


A poor few days for spectacular acts of violence in our lives. The billy clubs, rubber bullets and disruption of voting booths by Spanish state police in the Catalan referendum. The (as yet) motiveless strafing of happy country-music fans in Las Vegas. Never mind the idiot posturing between Kim Jung and Trump. 

We must describe any new politics as being anti-violence. Violence as a way to settle disputes deepens the divide between parties, and cheats everyone of the chance to go deeper and look for ways to transform conflict. Just as we are talking about adult development as key to a better society, we must describe social development as the key to a better world.

But what are the new, creative, viral, transformative acts of non-violence, appropriate to a world of networked communications and soft power? We're going to exploring this, and are open to your ideas (contact here)

It's appropriate that yesterday was International Day of Non-Violence, as instituted by the UN, and to commemorate that, Open Democracy has been running a series of articles about "transformative nonviolence" (full page here). Some notable pieces below:

We have also discovered a Medium blog called Nonviolence Magazine, run by the US based Metta Center for Nonviolence, and exploring the issue across many fronts and disciplines.