"Keep it complex - Make it Clear!" Artists aim at Brexit divides

britain is not an island.gif

One of the cheekiest art projects on the Remain side was eu-uk.info - a web platform which invited artists to create their own "IN" posters, and send them to the site - which made them available as a high-definition download.

No matter where you are post-Brexit, the energy and inventiveness (and usefulness) shown off here is very much worth considering for creative activists. How do you get new perspectives into people's crowded attention span? What's the image that can dislodge a concept, or thaw a heart? 

In defeat, they've set up the MakeItClear.EU website - slogan: Keep It Complex - Make It Clear! - which is, currently, more of a pitch for ideas and participants.

But they've already got a philosophy worked out:

Keep It Complex gives you easy things to do in a difficult world. At the moment it might feel like you’ve got too many tabs open in your brain: Brexit, Trump, climate change, male violence, cultural hegemony, islamophobia, terrorism, right-wing populism – the list goes on.

Keep It Complex is an ever evolving starting point to confront these issues. It’s about using art to have conversations with people you don’t usually talk to. It’s about not giving in to fear and apathy.

Keep It Complex is about making clear what we want: a peaceful, caring, angry, anti-austerity, factual, transnational, non-documented, messy, family-friendly, inclusive, non-binary, DIY, tasty, intergenerational, struggling, generous, queer, matriarchal, diverse society.

"Using art to have conversations with people you don't usual talk to" - that's exactly what The Alternative is both trying to develop, and to showcase. So if YOU'RE doing that, contact them, and contact us, and let's all do it!