Durham launches "The Thought Foundation"

The "green white space" at Durham's Thought Foundation

The "green white space" at Durham's Thought Foundation

One way communities can begin to explore political alternatives is by locating a physical space for it to happen. Somewhere people can return to - regularly - in their village, town or city, and expect to see something challenging or attractive from those committed to their cause. No-one has to agree - but all have to listen, and some should at least try to entertain!

We will be posting up examples of these places whereever we can find them - and please mail us if you think you're one. But let's kick off with The Thought Foundation in Durham - an artists' group who want to entirely devote their big white space (which once was a 60s vehicle repair shop) to environmental topics,

Organisationally, they are "a community interest company set up to inspire, promote and support the creative community and the people of the North East of England." They're making a call-out to artists now - but their blog shows how widely they want to engage with their regions. They plan a whole range of not-strictly-art practices like cooking and skills classes, and an Imagination Station for kids. 

If you're in the North-West, give them a shout.